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The media uses stereotypes as a shorthand method of defining characters in ways that are easy for people to identify and categorize. What these stereotypes all have in common is that they reduce to a one-sided, superficial and exaggerated depiction the real variety, depth and complexity of a people. The media today is more sensitive to issues of culture and gender than it once was, but the creation and perpetuation of common misconceptions about groups of people continues. Oversimplified and inaccurate portrayals have profoundly affected how we perceive one another, how we relate to one another and how we value ourselves.

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Couples of different racial and ethnic backgrounds tended to view their differences primarily as cultural rather than racial, with the exception of when they were initially attracted to their partner, or if they had experienced incidences involving prejudice or discrimination.30

Major differences in cultural and world views

Interracial couples are more likely to marry when these contributing factors are in play:

States vary in how each sets the basic playing field for juvenile justice with lower and upper age boundaries. State legislatures further create a range of complex exceptions for transfer to criminal court based on case-by-case, age and offense specifics.

8. Be flexible with gender roles and cultural systems

Youth who are involved in more than one system may require special attention and coordination. Explore what the states are doing to share information and coordinate services.

9. Create new rituals, traditions, and customs

The theme of blues music might be stated as the human response to oppression. This is most obvious in the lyrics, which speak of the suffering and pain caused by events outside of the singer’s control. This response to oppression is also expressed in the heartfelt vocals of the singers. It is even present in the form of the music itself, chained as it is to a fairly rigid song structure and limited chord progressions. You can see it in the structure of the lyrics, in the way that an initial statement of a condition is often repeated in the second line of a verse, without modification.

10. Use humor to diffuse stress and conflict

State juvenile justice profiles highlight the topical content of the JJGPS across its six main menu content areas and dozens of underlying juvenile justice reform topics. Each profile begins with the most recent state trend data on juvenile arrests and custody issues from national data collections followed by a checklist of highlights for comparing and contrasting juvenile justice policy.

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The YLS/CMI, YASI, SAVRY & PACT are prevelant among states achieving statewide-uniform assessment. Explore which tools are in use across the country.

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I went down to the Crossroads, tried to catch a ride.
I went down to the Crossroads, tried to catch a ride.
But nobody seemed to know me.
Everybody just passed me by.