Likewise, there are several recipe variations.

Hi. I normally never remove or discard any of the sourdough. I am always using the same and very simple instructions for my sourdough. You should only discard the entire dough if it smells rotten. The correct smell is like beer and a little vinegar-like.

One span would connect Oyster Bay with the Rye-Port Chester area of Westchester County.

198)"Of Flour of Potatoes.
A patent has been recently obtained at Paris, a hgold medal bestowed, and other honorary distinctions granted, for the discovery and practice, on a large scale, of preparing from potatoes a fine flour; a sago, a flour equal to ground rice; and a semolina of paste, of which 1 lb.

Cookbooks in these years donotcontain recipes for bread.

Niangadou's style of bread-making -- yeast- and chemical-free -- earned him a celebrity following at E.A.T.'s and Burke & Burke in New York between 1986 and 1994 and led to his arrival in Atlanta last year as Olympic consultant and, eventually, as executive head baker at Buckhead Bread Company, where he directs production of more than 10,000 loaves a day, three-fourths of which are eaten in the city's restaurants.

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"It did not take potato growers long to find a way to make flour from potatoes, and the next step was to add this to wheat or rye flour to makebread.

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Some call this Parthian bread.' The water, or any mixture of liquids used for mixing flour into dough, is known to bakers as 'liquor', and, as I have already written in the chapter on different flours and meals, and repeated in many of the recipes, the question on the quantity of liquor or liquid which any given flour will absorb is something which everyone has to discover for himself."
---, Elizabeth David, American Edition with notes by Karen Hess [Penguin:New York] 1980 (p.

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Some kinds, we find, receive their names from the dishes with which they are eaten, the oyster-bread,83 for instance: others, again, from their peculiar delicacy, the artolaganus,*1 or cake-bread, for example; and others from the expedition with which they are prepared, such as the " speusticus,"25 or " hurry-bread." Other varieties receive their names from the peculiar method of baking them, such as oven-bread,M tin-bread," and mouldbread.28 It is not so very long since that we had a bread introduced from Parthia, known as water-bread,29 from a method in kneading it, of drawing out the dough by the aid of water, a process which renders it remarkably light, and full of holes, like a sponge: some call this Parthian bread.

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The centuries-old chewy German bread with its doughy consistency and salted crust is "almost in that trend phase where youre seeing it almost everywhere," said Tom Vaccaro, senior director of baking and pastries at the Culinary Institute of America, where pretzels are taught in classes.

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It shows again that the preference for white bread goes far back into history, much further than might be assumed from the preceding sections...According to Pliny, bread of the very finest quality is that which is sine pondere, without heaviness.