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How refreshing to read this excellent article identifying scientific/moral issues that for some weird reason are never raised in "stem cell" research debates. It is especially relevant to serious concerns about iPS research and its use in human reproductive cloning. Research involving iPS and other cloning techniques is light-years ahead of the usual "ethical" discussions - unfortunately - and still not part of the public debates.

Date posted: 2010-12-08

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The unfolding and often ugly details of the current contentious issues of human cloning, human embryonic stem cell research, and patient "therapies" have called into serious question the very integrity of scientists and medical researchers, of their data, of the institutions (both private and public) which fund them, of the politicians and legislators who promote them, and of the scientific and medical research enterprises themselves. While federal "bioethics" has obviously failed miserably, no viable alternative has yet gained acceptance. The problems continue to multiply exponentially, and thus does the need to advance a viable alternative to this federal bioethics".

Date posted: 2005-09-09

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In fact the creation of a human embryo by the Dolly-type Commentaries Gulam ..
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Newspapers and magazines have described cloning as an exciting step forward that allows genetic engineers to reduce the uncertainties of reproduction, but they have also published commentaries by scientists, religious figures, and others who see human cloning as an attack on human dignity.

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To purposefully use such false science in either research (e.g., see #1 of the Nuremberg Code) or in legislation is automatically unethical and unprofessional, as it corrupts the very starting point of any further scientific, ethical, legal or social considerations which so profoundly effect so many. .. [A]s the issues and the "scientific" mis-definitions continue to change and evolve, so must any attempt at analysis or reconstruction of the accurate science to be used in legislation. .. [H]uman cloning - including all cloning techniques - is only one subdivision of the larger category of activities which can also reproduce human beings a-sexually: human genetic engineering. Most of the "scientific" loopholes built into some cloning bills and treaties would by default not only allow various other kinds of cloning techniques not articulated to be used, but they would also allow the a-sexual reproduction of living human beings for research by means of many other kinds of genetic engineering techniques (such as pronuclei transfer). Such human embryos could then be used for research, "therapy", and reproduction carte blanche, with no public oversight or professional/legal accountability. Most people wouldn't even know it was happening.

Date posted: 2005-02-26