Public and Private Schools: How Do They Differ?

I am a mother of one public-school child (in Australia) and two younger children who will also attend public school in their turn. Well, *probably* will! I am really drawn to home education and would love to do it on so many levels, and if our local public school wasn't so lovely (and really, it is - we are lucky) we'd probably be doing it right now. It was and remains a lineball call for us.

• use of tests that align more closely with public school than with private school curricula

Finally, the Lubienskis exclude from their analysis the students in the ECLS-K database who switched school sectors in the course of the longitudinal study. Doing so raises the threat of bias in their comparisons, as the students who leave private and public schools may differ in unmeasurable ways. They accuse experimental studies of private school voucher programs, which track study participants over time, of doing the same thing: “As voucher studies have demonstrated, significant numbers of lower performing students tend to drop out of the private schools, leaving more motivated voucher students in the study and thereby perverting the integrity of the treatment group.”

"Private Schooling." Editorial Projects in Education Research Center.

Frequently asked questions regarding private schools and home schools in California.

I just spent an hour drafting a post (not published yet) about deciding where to send my son for kindergarten. Public or private. For some reason home schooling never entered into the equation. 1. I work. And 2. I always considered it as something people only do for religious reasons. Thank you showing me that is not always the case.

As a former public and private ..

Brian [D.] Ray, 92 percent of school superintendents believe that home learners are emotionally unstable, deprived of proper social development and too judgmental of the world around them....

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When it all comes down to it the decision will be based on the socio-economic status of the family, as to whether they can afford to have one parent at home tutoring the child, instead of out working and also whether or not they feel it is safe enough to let their children go to the public schools....

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And finally, I am a fan of public schools. But the U. S. school system is groaning under the burden of more students with more significant issues, and dwindling dollars. Schools are designed to teach the greatest number of children possible, to teach to the middle. If you'd ever spent time advocating for a child with special needs or a child who learns in a very different way, or just pressing for higher academic standards in schools just struggling to satisfy the burdens imposed by legislation like No Child Left Behind, you'd understand that just advocating for change is daunting at best, and expecting a straining unwieldy system to adapt to an individual child's needs is unrealistic.

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While some families want more time together, others focus on the special needs of children, and still others hope to instill values that they feel are not addressed in public or even private schools....