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Other medications to help survivors of sexual victimization with PTSD include tricyclic antidepressants (like Elavil), but the side effects makes them less preferable to the SSRIs.
Mood stabilizers are also used with some survivors to deal with emotional instability, while anti-anxiety medications are used to help ameliorate anxiety (such as Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan.

This novel traces the effects of war on a Union Soldier named Henry Fleming.

PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCES ON THE LEGAL DIVORCE PROCESS Most of the interface between the divorcing couple and the helping professionals takes place during the legal divorce or litigation stage.

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Conflict, Stress and Growth: The Effects of War on Psychosocial Development Among Vietnam Veterans.

As knowledge unfolds during the course of trauma education you will learn about possible triggering events and residual effects, as well as about flashbacks, relapse prevention, discrediting myths, and introduction to general self-care.
(2) Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT). This set of procedures help you to overcome the negative conditioning you acquired as a consequence of sexual trauma by learning how to disengage fear from instigating reminders.

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Additionally, insofar as weapons of mass destruction serve to guarantee "mutually assured destruction" (the doctrine of, MAD), the crime of planetary suicide may be placed upon our analytical trajectory in assessing, with the greatest clarity, the exponential dimensions of the nuclear crucible. Richard Falk and others have demonstrated the fact that "never has any conventional war had the potential for destroying the biological identity, possibly even the reality, of the human race, or the economic and ecological viability of the planet. Indeed, the genetic and environmental effects alone resulting from the use of nuclear weapons provide a compelling humanitarian argument against their legality. The existing norms of international law strongly support arguments by analogy for their prohibition" (Falk, et al, 1980, p.595). These norms also include the law-making authority of the United Nations that has upheld the contention that the Nuremberg Principles are, in a genuine sense, a vital part of international law. Hence, just the threat of the use of nuclear weapons is a crime against humanity. In this manner, the United Nations General Assembly has contributed a certain legal force to the moral argument about the status of nuclear weapons. However, the degree of this contribution remains a matter of controversy. Suffice it to say that the strength of the moral argument in this context has been reinforced by numerous assertions in Vatican documents and Papal declarations. Among them is this Vatican II assertion: "Any act of war aimed indiscriminately at the destruction of entire cities and their inhabitants, is a crime against God and against humanity".

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Therapy transforms the negative effects of trauma when survivors learn that it is possible to take responsibility for the enterprise of therapy and move forward and win.

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And within this state of affairs, the professional practitioners representing these parties must have their trust in order to work most effectively with and on behalf of the client.