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Several years ago, I got a master’s degree in social work with the intent to become a mental health counselor and work with children and adolescents. After several internships and positions in the field, I have found the work to be incredibly draining. The pros are creating your own schedule, generally not being micromanaged, and the occasional breakthrough with a client. One of my great joys has been connecting with clients and validating their experiences and emotions. The cons include regular conflicts with others, an overwhelming amount of input and various demands from others, and constant emotional drain. I have also found that if your work environment isn’t extremely supportive, it’s easy to feel alone and unappreciated. I found out that I am a highly sensitive person during graduate school, and am currently looking into a career in the fine arts. Good luck!

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Adopting clever designs is a great way to evoke specific consumer perceptions about a brand. A unique design can make audiences believe that a product is comparatively different on the inside, too. Here are two great examples demonstrating the effectiveness of design stem from the highly competitive food and beverage industry.

Let's look at the Pros and Cons of online video advertising

Pros & Cons: Online video advertising

Oh my goodness, I am also currently considering to start my own organic skin care company! I have done quite a bit of research, and feel like I am in the same position as yourself in that regard. Being your own boss sounds very attractive, but it can mean a slew of never-ending work at the same time. It’s quite competitive these days too as organic is so trendy, though I only want to pursue truly natural products with few ingredients, and also connect it to welfare. Similar to Body Shop, but without it ending as tragically!

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Even avid radio listeners do so more sporadically than TV watchers. That is, an avid radio listener will turn the radio to his or her favorite program, then go about the office or house doing tasks, etc., sometimes listening and sometimes not, with advertisements reduced to a sort of blur or hum in the background. It's not the same thing as watching their favorite television program, where they want to know what happens next in a dramatic series (say). They can go and come back again, go and come back again, tra la la.

The best jobs and careers for highly sensitive persons (HSPs).

Hi Rachael-Lynn and the other nurses here. I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I too am a HSP and am considering nursing. I have been accepted into the RN program and also the Respiratory Therapy program. I am 45yrs old, so this is a second career for me. Can you tell me (in your experience as a health care provider), of the two professions, which would be a better fit for a HSP?

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I like the problem solving, and I like helping other people. I spend a fair amount of time coaching or teaching or helping developers on the team. Also, I don’t try to micromanage or control them, I stay more laid back and view myself as a helper to them. I really like constantly improving and helping other people, so those parts are good.