Hamms family and ANY other operating Puppy Mill out there…you should be ashamed of yourselves. Remember this though….Karma is strong and I sincerely hope you get back what you have done and then tenfold!!!

I will continue to update the site with as many photos and comments as possible.

And as for the mearly mouthed Opposition – obviously you don’t give a continental and particularly so those down in the Gippsland heartland of puppy farming.

The Truth Cannot Be Changed Until It Can Be Seen

Please get your facts straight.

The DeBono Family “I wanted to take my kids there to teach them why I refuse to buy a puppy from a pet shop. I had no idea what to expect however was saddened by what we did see. A huge tin shed packed with nursing mother dogs, and their little puppies. I explained to my children that if we did buy a puppy from a shop this is where the money would go. My daughter and I were in tears as we left. This place was pure evil, The staff appeared very unsure of them selves, they couldn’t even tell us the dogs names. It was truly heartbreaking. The only positive of the day is I have taught my children a valuable lesson”

2. How do u justify electrocuting the dogs at aca?

The phone is still ringing and the emails are still coming in as I type this but here’s a sample of the feedback so far from the public who attended on the day.

I am now seriously thinking of joining your organisation.

Most mothers give birth to one young an average of every five to six years in the wild. Young chimps stay with their mothers for up to 10 years.

In the meantime, continue with your good work

Melissa “I was shocked at the cramped tin shed they call the “nursery”. One dog caught my eye, her teats were dragging on the ground, it was heartbreaking”.

Dear jenny, hind sight is a wonderful thing.

Dave “The dogs outside the nursery were on sand and only had a tin kennel, I can’t imagine how hot those dogs will get when we hit the middle of summer. I know whats its like to walk on hot sand with no shoes on. I thought the code stated they had to be provided with shade and have a certain area of their enclosure concreted?, what I saw was sickening, we had to get out of there as my girlfriend was getting upset.”

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Gael “I specifically asked 3 different people if I could see the back of the property, they said I couldn’t I asked why it was roped off, they couldn’t give me an answer. The staff were unsure of what to say and appeared nervous when I started asking questions. It was disgusting place and the dogs in that nursery broke my heart, what a way to live, what a way to make a living, they make me sick”

Lesson Plan: Animal Farm - Allegory; Orwell; Soviet Union

Michelle “They wouldn’t let us see anything except the nursery, most of the people around me were horrified, some people started asking questions and making a scene and we were ushered out of the shed. I heard one lady ask if the dogs had names and the girl said no, then another staff member stated they did but couldn’t name them. None of the pens had dogs names on them”