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IANAL, but IAACAC, and I think it's much more a case of if you attempt to make a citizen's arrest and detain the felon, and from there things get out of control and require you to use lethal force, you are OK. Without that part of the statute, you could be considered the agressor, and it's protecting the right to detain without fear of becoming a felon yourself.

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Whether Beilis was innocent or not, manipulative Jews at places like Kikepidia cleverly leave out the part where all these people in the case were brutally executed by the commies. Once Jews assume dictatorial power they soon turn to racial blood vengeance against Gentiles, no matter what. These self-centered and spiteful people don’t care!

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In the US that is the case (but you better know what you are doing, lest you get hurt, sued or charged with unlawful imprisonment.)

Too bad Oprah didn’t pursue what Rachel learned from the police detective, since there was once an incident of suspected “Blood Libel” in the Chicago area way back in 1955 and early 1956, a series of grisly killings still carefully ignored by the media to this day. “Rachel” may even have been referring to a police detective familiar with this very case.

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Police violations of law are investigated by an internal affairs unit (often highly motivated to keep the dirt under the carpet) and/or the district attorney. The DA is highly motivated to keep the police (his best source of cases to win and thus re-election) happy and on the DA's side. Independent investigations (such as a grand jury) are few and far between.

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The Beilis case also involved a man named Schneerson from New York who just happened to be visiting Mendel Beilis at the time of the killing. Beilis was most likely tasked at getting rid of the body used in honor of this one visit. Beilis and his “poor, oppressed” Jew family eventually ended-up in the US, undoubtedly set for life.

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Using the Beilis case as an excuse (but really because of long-running Jewish plans to topple Christian Russia), Jewry forced the unwilling President Taft to punish the Czar by revoking important trade treaties. After he finally acceded to their continual demands and backroom political threats, Taft was awarded a stupid B’nai B’rith Friendship Medal, and is seen in the official photo as the bossy little Jews pin it on his chest.

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I can't speak for California which tends to have right-wing laws when it comes to gun control. I live in Colorado and our state just passed a comprehensive castle doctrine law. Here, you are now allowed to use deadly force not only to protect your house or real estate -- that's been law here for a while -- but also your work, your car, and many other things. It is legal for anyone over the age of 21 to carry a concealed loaded handgun in their car without need for permit. Concealed carry permits, for when on foot, are issued on a shall-issue basis, meaning anyone who meets specific low criteria, like not being a convicted felon, must be issued a permit upon request. Open carry is completely legal, although you may be cited for reckless conduct or similar if you try it in a populated area. We have no waiting period on any firearm purchase. This is not the only state with similar laws.