the varied and often harsh geography of early China resulted ..

The student is expected to:(A) locate places and regions of historical significance directly related to major eras and turning points in world history;(B) analyze the influence of human and physical geographic factors on major events in world history, including the development of rand the opening of the Panama and Suez canals; and(C) interpret mapsto explain geography has influenced people and events in the past.(17) Economics.

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Geographic setting and nature of Far Eastern civilization; origins, development and present outlines of settlement; cultures, resource use, economic structures, population, levels of technological achievement, and land use in China, Japan and Korea.

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Lower division offerings in physical geography, cultural geography, and geographical techniques introduce students to the discipline. At the upper division level, students can choose among regional classes, topical classes on subjects from meteorology to transportation, and technique classes that include GIS, map making, quantitative methods, remote sensing, and field work. Majors select a concentration in a geographic subfield. Although not required, the department encourages students to take elective courses and/or pursue a minor complementary to their geographical interests. It also encourages and facilitates students going on Education Abroad.