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The question of who is a philosopher, who major, who minor -- is itself a philosophical question, as well as an historical question. The following is only one of many possible lists, depending on the criteria used for inclusion and exclusion. The list below is based on what I was told at school, books I have studied over the years, and my own judgment.

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We all have a responsibility to work hard to ensure that everyonewho is interested in our subject feels welcome within our community,and to create a climate that is accommodating, respectful, andinclusive, especially for women and members of historicallyunderrepresented groups. Despite our need to hear from a wide rangeof voices, women and members of various ethnic groups remainseverely underrepresented in Philosophy. Recent empirical researchhas found that reinforce historical patterns of exclusion andunderrepresentation. To combat them, we need to understand how theywork. It’s not enough to rely on common sense and good intentions,since even if you’re conscientiously striving to treat othersequitably you may be in the grip of subconscious processes thatdistort your thinking.

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Applications are invited for an appointment as Senior Lecturer in Education (Philosophy of Education).

The Society's international peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Philosophy of Education, welcomes submissions from scholars in philosophy, education and related fields. PESGB also engages with issues of current educational policy in its IMPACT pamphlet series.

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Over the course of approximately two thousand years, Buddhist ideas and practices have shaped Chinese culture in a wide variety of areas, including , politics, , , , and material culture.The translation of a large body of Indian Buddhist scriptures into Chinese and the inclusion of these translations together with works composed in China into a printed canon had far-reaching implications for the dissemination of Buddhism throughout the , including , , and .

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Neighbourhood schools are the heart of our communities, and Inclusion BC believes they are essential for a quality inclusive education system. Therefore we believe it is important to support a public education system in B.C.

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Unlike Russell’s views about the importance of education, the preciseconnection between Russell’s political activism and his moretheoretical work has been more controversial. In part, this has beenbecause Russell himself repeatedly maintained that he saw nosignificant connection between his philosophical work and hispolitical activism. Others have seen things differently. One of thebest summaries is given by Alan Wood: