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The entrepreneur who knows his strengths and weaknesses has a great advantage when starting his business, since this will allow for a more realistic planning.

Personal branding is all about leveraging your strengths to stand out and differentiate yourself

An increase in demand, new technologies and continuing education courses provide opportunities to improve as a person and as an entrepreneur. Opportunities should be used to diminish weaknesses.

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Some personal weaknesses include the tendency to procrastinate and scarce control over emotions. Weaknesses in the company include: lack of financial resources, an inadequate accounting system, and poorly trained personnel.

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Strengths and performance. There is a very strong connection between the application of personal strengths and employee engagement. Gallup has demonstrated the relationship in many studies including a dramatic finding on engagement, strengths, and performance: If a manager did not talk with an employee about their performance there was a 40% chance that employee was disengaged. If a manager only talked about deficiencies and weaknesses there was a 22% chance the employee was disengaged and if a manager held strength based conversation there was only a 1% chance of disengagement (Tom Rath). The lack of strength based conversations are detrimental to performance, engagement, and ultimately organizational results.

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Nobody likes to talk about their weaknesses, especially if they try to convince someone of giving them a job.
But the question is not as difficult as most job seekers believe it is. You should simply talk about strengths that are relevant for the job, and weaknesses that are not essential for a role of a personal banker. Let me help you with your choice.

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Personal branding is all about leveraging your strengths to stand out and differentiate yourself. Our strengths are what makes us unique, authentic, and real. Yet we tend to fall into the trap of trying to fix our weaknesses. We invest time, money, and effort trying to be better at something that we may never get better at doing even after training, studying, or practicing. This really comes as no surprise as the focus on weakness in society is hard to ignore. Almost every job interview asks about our weaknesses in light of our strengths! Why do recruiters and hiring managers waste time on such a question?

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Such financial highlight play an important role in assesing the financial strenghts and weakness of the business.