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( Pericles funeral oration p.4) This quote means Athens are the model and the teacher of all Greece city state and also their man had different and god gave them different abilities for them, in other word their citizen had distinct.

The Athenians respected the warrior class and placed them among the top members of their society.
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In 431 BC, Athens was in the midst of a war, and from that war came a speech, said by Pericles, that to this day, remains the model for any leader seeking to persuade his citizens and have them believe and act in favor of their land....

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Pericles’s speech was given in 430 B.C.E at the end of the first year of war.
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At these funerals a funeral oration is usually given by a well-known domestic public figure, such as when Abraham Lincoln gave his “Gettysburg Address” in 1863 AD and when Pericles gave his funeral oration to Athens in 431 BC....

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It is a well-known fact that the Athenians had a great deal of respect for the warrior class and believed them to be among the top members of their society....

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Election, via democratic means, of such populists, meant that the Athenians would take a much more aggressive approach to the war and therefore abandon the policies that Pericles had previously established....

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