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In this paper, we describe the design of the YouServ pluginarchitecture and its implementation challenges, which includeproviding a simple yet sufficiently powerful API that encourages endusers to develop interesting applications, ensuring security throughsandboxing and/or signatures and reputations, and creating a web-basedenviroment that allows simple installation, administration, andsharing of plugins using ordinary web browsers. We also provide aclassification system for plugins, and describe specific applicationinstances we anticipate would be immediately useful to thecommunity.

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Example application: Because access to the playlist generator canbe restricted to designated users, it's possible that the site ownerdoes not mind potentially exposing hidden URLs of his MP3's to thosedesignated users. By granting the playlist generator the hidden URLaccess permission, MP3's could be put in a hidden directory andshared without directly exposing their URLs to non-designatedusers.

Network Control: Peer-to-Peer Networks Versus Client/Server

Access your PC remotely, share files, printers, and music, even set up multi-player gaming sessions . ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,
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Take advantage of our peer-to-peer collaborative spam server to automatically stop spam.

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The MP3PlayList plugin is one such "proof of concept". It assemblesURLs to all music (MP3) files shared on the site, and provides aconvenient interface for generating tailored playlists (.m3u files)from them. Playlists, when served by a website, cause the browser tolaunch the default music player to stream the music listed within theplaylist. Thus, by visiting the MP3PlayList home page (Fig. 3.3) andclicking the submit button, a user can quickly sample the musicavailable on the site. Keywords can optionally be specified tocustomize the musical selection.

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This type of piracy can take the form of more than just peer to peer, it could also be pirate websites that offer free software downloads for uploads, or internet auction sites which sell counterfeit software for a discount price (Types of Piracy).

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For further information on exactly what peer-to-peer transactions are, how they work and why they can cause illegal content to be transferred, please download and read this brief article: (PDF).

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NC State seeks to deter the use of peer-to-peer file transfers for illegal purposes up to and including the implementation of technology-deterrent applications that could monitor traffic content.