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Sometimes there is a reasonable explanation for removing merchandise, seemingly without paying, so you must be aware of the practices within various retail settings that would allow this to occur. Remember, some shoplifters are clever and will purchase an item, obtain a receipt, and dump it in their car. Next they return to the store to steal the exact same item. If stopped they can produce a receipt and even get the cashier to swear the item was purchased. I've seen the same item stolen five times using this technique until we busted him.

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Copyright violation involves taking a book, video, music CD, or computerprogram and copying or using it, without paying for it, in violation of thecopyright law or the terms of use. As a result, the owner of the copyrightdoes not receive the selling price that he ought to receive.

The Problem of Shoplifting What This Guide Does and Does Not Cover

Stores must make a profit, so they raise prices high enough they can make aprofit despite the shoplifters and looters, or they make a claim on theirinsurance. That means, when honest citizens buy from those stores or when webuy insurance, we are paying for what the crooks stole.

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It is not surprising that shoplifting is so widespread. Shops contain new goods, temptingly displayed. Self-service provides ample opportunity for shoppers to handle goods (many of which are prepackaged) and conceal them in clothing or bags. People seem to have fewer inhibitions about stealing from shops than from private individuals. They also know they have little chance of getting caught, and, if caught, they can often produce plausible excuses, such as forgetting to pay. In addition, the stock control in shops is so deficient that few retailers know how many goods they lose to shoplifters or to their staff. So long as theft and damage of goods, known in the retail industry as shrinkage, does not rise above 2-3 percent of goods sold, retailers may pay little attention to shoplifting, especially when stolen goods can be taken as a tax write-off.

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You must see the shoplifter fail to pay for your merchandise. Typically, a shoplifter will walk out of your store, past all cash registers, without making any attempt to pay for the concealed merchandise. This is an important element to prove "intent" later in court, if necessary. Sometimes, shoplifters will go through the checkout line and pay for other items but not for the concealed item. It is important to observe that the concealed item is not retrieved and paid for at the checkout. It is also important to verbally confirm with the cashier that the concealed item was not paid for either. For example, a shoplifter may get a change of heart and tell the cashier that they consumed a candy bar worth .75 cents and the cashier rings it up.

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Camouflage is important. Be sure you dress the part by lookinglike an average customer. If you are going to rip-off expensivestores (why settle for less), act like you have a chauffeur drivencar double parked around the corner. A good rule is dress in thestyle and price range of the clothes, etc., you are about toshoplift. The reason we recommend the more expensive stores is thatthey tend to have less security guards, relying instead onmechanical methods or more usually on just the sales people. Manysalespeople are uptight about carrying out a bust if they catchyou. A large number are thieves themselves, in fact one good way tosteal is simply explain to the salesclerk that you're broke and askif you can take something without paying. It's a great way toradicalize shop personnel by rapping to them about why theyshouldn't give a shit if the boss gets ripped off.