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Such technical assistance shall address problems, if any, in implementing the parental involvement activities described in section 1118 and the professional development activities described in section 1119.

The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement with Children's Education [Keith Robinson, Angel L

(c) A school district shall give a student in grade level six or above credit for a subject on the basis of an examination for credit in the subject approved by the board of trustees under Subsection (a) if the student scores in the 80th percentile or above on the examination or if the student achieves a score as provided by Subsection (c-1). If a student is given credit in a subject on the basis of an examination, the district shall enter the examination score on the student's transcript and the student is not required to take an end-of-course assessment instrument adopted under Section (c) for that subject.

Family Engagement/Parental Involvement

determining how and to what degree parental involvement (PI) affects student ..

(3) information describing the opportunities for parental involvement in the development of the curriculum to be used in human sexuality instruction, including information regarding the local school health advisory council established under Subsection (a).


(e) A district that uses an electronic platform for communicating student grade and performance information to parents may permit a parent to sign a notice required under Subsections (a)(2) and (a)(3) electronically, so long as the district retains a record verifying the parent's acknowledgment of the required notice. A district that accepts electronic signatures under this subsection must offer parents the option to provide a handwritten signature as provided under Subsection (b).

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(3) requires that, on a weekly basis, at least 50 percent of the physical education class be used for actual student physical activity and that the activity be, to the extent practicable, at a moderate or vigorous level;

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(e) Each board of trustees shall cooperate in the establishment of ongoing operations of at least one parent-teacher organization at each school in the district to promote parental involvement in school activities.

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(1) the applied STEM course is part of a curriculum created by a recognized national or international business and industry group to prepare a student for a national or international business and industry certification or license;