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Hunter and, his buddy for 1 yr, Rascal(a 1.5yo m, Great Pyrennees-who has been RESCUED by a PYR rescue), lived some 300yds from their owner's house at their barn, in hopes of protecting their cattle from coyotes.

You have your own families to care for, jobs to go to and you need some time to relax.

Hi Dane. I listen to your radio show every week when I get the chance. I did not know where else to ask on the website, but you mentioned how to stay healthy with the constant spraying. I eagerly await your advice and hope this information will come out as soon as possible. I am a university student in PA. Your message is reaching young people. We need more movement exposure on the east coast. I believe if this movement is successful, it would lead to the public exposure of 911 and other events that the public figure heads deny and disclose as conspiracy theories. I appreciate the work you do Dane. Your show is inspiration and really shows the circus that all Americans have a front row seat to.

Thinking about getting a Great Dane

He was abused by his former owner and I think he is still scarred by that.

What is it about you? You foul brood, who love your holy terror wars, to whom the idea of a ruined planet as some perverse notion of holy judgment appeals? It's your black shiny shoe mentors you want to please, isn't it? That paycheck, your personal dalliance with the great war machine slush fund called Wall Street? Your paycheck, your pension? If you are sincere, get out on the streets and work the issue with Dane. Give up on the organized effort. It teems with cowards, compromised snake oil boys and bona fide satanists at the pulpit. There's no occasion for a sincere leader among them any more than the wretches who put Jesus away were willing to repent. Make a splash. Die for your flock if it must be – you do have an example. Your silence is taking your flock to the abattoire fast. Stand up against this omnicide or relish the company of the evil elite forever…


I'm directing particular ire towards so-called Christian clergy. Who are the third generation dung, for the most part, of heavily CIA infiltrated "divinity school" bastions, raised on denial of the divine and abhorence of the topic of life after death, known to much of the world as reincarnation (don't start squirming yet – go to your dictionaries and realize that in many ways reincarnation is a synonym for the resurrection wyou supposedly advocate). You don't like the subject of resurrection/karma, do you? speaking of Easter…

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I was so happy about the filing, excellent news, way to go Dane! Hey Dennie, I know that feeling of suffocation, I had it a lot this past summer and beyond, then one day I went outside and could get my breath again. I think it took time to adjust to the lower oxygen level in the air but I finally did, that is my theory, since now I don't feel that suffocation. I've read that often the human body can adjust to something provided it is a gradual change. Whereas a sudden dramatic change could kill a person, a slow one will allow the body to adjust, though I know there is a limit past which one cannot survive. I was telling an airline pilot about the lower level of oxygen in the air, saying it was about 15 percent now, and he was totally on top of it; he corrected me and said it was 14.7 or something. Yikes!! During this period I would just stare at other people walking and wondered how they could handle it; they seemed to not notice. Even before this though I found I just did not want to breathe, and I would catch myself trying to go without, or taking just tiny little breaths, I was doing this even before I found out about the geo engineering. Supposedly our lives are a certain number of breaths, so one should take fewer, deeper breathes, but who wants to, with all this going on? And some people at my temple would comment and remind me to take deep breaths, but I didn't want to. After I found out about the spraying, I really didn't want to! But have you stocked up on plants for the indoors? One time I went into my bathroom and I just felt there was not enough oxygen in there so I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of those heart shaped philodendrons and put them in my bathroom. Fill your house with plants to make sure you are getting enough oxygen and you can take them out at night, that way you can get a higher concentration of oxygen. My yard is full of bushes and trees, and when I felt that suffocating feeling I would hang out near my tree's leaves on the lower branches and just try to breathe. It was terrible, it sucks that we even have to talk about this but thank God for Dane sounding the alarm and explaining everything, we'd be really screwed without him.

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Dane, great work. Consider what you do: stepping ito the void of leadership. Particularly absent on this evening of "good Friday" is the clergy.