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The negative way of thinking guides one's perceptions, interpretations, and memory for personally relevant experiences, thereby resulting in a negatively based worldview and leading to depression (Gonca & Savasir 2001). An interpersonal schema is conceptualized as a generalized representation of self-other relationships (Gonca & Savasir, 2001).

The relationship between interpersonal schemas and depressive symptomatology.

The scale had originally meant to identify self-feelings that would lead to depression, mainly solitude/interpersonal insensitivity, independence, and individualistic achievement.

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If you've had at least one episode of depression, you're at a greater risk for having another period of depression.

Symptoms of depression — how severe they are and how much they interfere with daily life — can range from mild to severe. Depression is usually divided into minor and major types, based on the number of symptoms a person has had and how long they've lasted.

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Depression most commonly starts between the ages of 15 and 45. However, depression can happen at any age. In children and teens, depression shouldn't be dismissed as normal adolescent moodiness. If you think your child may be depressed, call your child's doctor or Behavioral Health Services.

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They explain that in "Beck's�model the self-related and socially based features of perfectionism are combined and regarded as similarly influencing the development and maintenance of depression�In Hewitt and Flett's model, perfectionistic self-expectations and perfectionistic interpersonal dynamics are conceptualized as three distinct personality traits." (Hewitt et al., 2003, p.373) Their results were interesting, and showed to clarify the current understanding of how perfectionism relates to depression in terms of Beck's Theory.

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People often feel sad after a major loss. The symptoms of grief can be similar to depression. Whether a person in the grieving process needs professional help depends on how long symptoms last and how severe they are. Generally, a person should seek help if grieving disrupts normal activities for several months. If you're unsure whether to get help, talk with your doctor or call Behavioral Health Services.

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Beck's Theory also includes the fact that these negative cognitions are fueled by distortions of rationale, such as all-or-none reasoning, selective abstraction, and overgeneralization. Beck's Cognitive Model of Depression shows how early experiences can lead to the formation of dysfunctional beliefs, which in turn lead to negative self views, which in turn lead to depression.

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This study showed much more clearer results: "In support of Beck's cognitive theory of depression, the student's current depressive states were consistently found to be related to their negative processing of personal information" (Moilanen, 1993, p.345).