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The primary purpose of these guidelines is to support teaching and learning of the national curriculum. The guidelines may also be applied more broadly as a good-practice guide for other activities that schools are associated with.

10 Reasons to Take Learning Outside the Classroom

After: the Papilio retractable roofs have allowed the deck to be used for more functions and school activities through the year

Experience Learning Beyond the Primary Classroom

I wonder if Socrates was walking in the Agora, would he stop and talk to his pupils outside of teaching time?

I’m teaching at what is described as an inner city school. I open my classroom/lab at 6:45 AM and it fills up with students till they leave. On Tuesday, the Go club and iClub stay till 4:45. My professional persona is modeled on the ones I learned from those worthy progenitors, not that I am particularly bright, but that it extends throughout a carefully limited persona that can be contacted through IM clients, blog, Moodle, FaceBook, and the occasional email for those who enjoy antique modalities. Google email and collaboration tools are mandatory in class. Not because we can’t do it with another application but because we need to act as evangelists with technology at our institution.

Outside the Classroom - St Catherine's

Schools in Ireland, where I teach at secondary level (high-school), have some way to go in terms of online communicative activity between students and teachers.

Taking Learning Outside: Outdoor Classroom Activities

Lage MJ, Platt GJ, and Treglia M (2000). Inverting the classroom: A gateway to creating an inclusive learning environment. The Journal of Economic Education 31: 30-43.

Outside the Classroom in Needham, reviews by real people

If I were told never to interact with a student outside of the classroom, I’d simply ignore it. It’s not tenable. (I can imagine teachers being told that — cf above about the generational gap in how online spaces are viewed. I can’t imagine that having happened at my school — it was a boarding school — so a whole fascinating set of intersecting public and private space issues already.)

Thinking outside the (classroom) chair. – Nutritious …

If the students gained basic knowledge outside of class, then they need to spend class time to promote deeper learning. Again, the activity will depend on the learning goals of the class and the culture of the discipline. For example, Lage, Platt, and Treglia described experiments students did in class to illustrate economic principles (2000), while Mazur and colleagues focused on student discussion of conceptual “clicker” questions and quantitative problems focused on physical principles (2001). In other contexts, students may spend time in class engaged in debates, data analysis, or synthesis activities. The key is that students are using class time to deepen their understanding and increase their skills at using their new knowledge.

Inside/Outside Circles - The Teacher Toolkit

This month’s language learning tips are provided by Tim Redmond, the assistant school director and Director of Studies at . Tim focuses on learning English outside the Classroom.