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Feast of Fields, Annual (September), various locations near Toronto (shuttle bus from Toronto). Celebrate the organic harvest with chefs, wineries, breweries & farmers! Imagine strolling through a sweet-smelling field, sampling dozens of the freshest, most succulent organic creations, accompanied by organic local wines & beers. Meet and enjoy the delicacies of 35 chefs. Sample the beverages of 18 wineries and micro-breweries. Purchase organic food and learn about organic agriculture, the environment and fair trade (display stations of 50 organic farmers and non-profits). Live music & entertainment. Funds raised support numerous sustainable food & farming causes. Largest-ever gathering of local organic farmers, chefs, consumers, suppliers, wineries, and like-minded non-profit groups. Rain or shine. Media passes & chef interviews available.

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Learn about USDA's National Organic Program, how organic food is produced, and what it means when foods are labeled as organic or containing organic ingredients.

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As is always the case, the future of organic milk production is largely in the hands of the consumer. Without growing demand, production will not expand. Consumer demand for organic milk expanded rapidly for several decades, jumping from a niche market in natural foods stores to shelf-space allocations in most mainstream food stores. In recent years, even the large retailers, like Walmart and Target, have been responsive to consumer demand for organic milk. While U.S. sales of organic milk have dropped from the double-digit annual increases shown until the general economy experienced a recession, annual sales growth is still in the high single digits. The growing scientific consensus on the nutritional benefits of organic milk, and wider availability in mainstream markets, could help push consumer demand higher.

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Note that imported foods (left) have higher pesticide residues and risk than domestically (U.S.) grown foods. Buy organic and local in order to reduce your exposure to toxic synthetic pesticides!

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Even with stronger USDA pasture requirements, coexistence of organic producers with very different business models is likely to persist in the organic dairy sector to some degree. Some analysts argue that organic sector expansion that includes large-scale farms with lower costs can make organic food—which has less pesticide residue and other positive attributes—more affordable for low-income consumers (Johnson, 2013). USDA’s organic regulatory program plays a key role in setting and enforcing strict standards, and ensuring that all producers demonstrate compliance with the rules. These rules provide a framework for future innovations in organic dairy production systems. In particular, research is needed on ways to lower the costs and improve the quality of pasture-based dairy systems in the challenging climates and conditions across the country.

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The Organic Center’s “Dietary Risk Index” (DRI) quantifies relative pesticide dietary risks for specific foods by analyzing U.S. Department of Agriculture pesticide residue data and Environmental Protection Agency toxicity assessment.