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Herb Fair, Annual (June), Toronto. Medicinal & culinary herbal displays, demos, lectures, children's activity tent, culinary treats, plants & products for sale, organic vegetarian cafe. Free. York Quay Centre, Harbourfront Centre, Queens Quay W. (Harbourfront LRT from Union Stn.). Info:

 The Fight For Organic Integrity & What Savvy Organic Eaters Need To Know:

– "Toxic sludge can be relabeled as fertilizer, spread on food we eat. If you think that eating ground-up car batteries and drinking industrial waste is healthful, don't visit these websites. 'Tis good for many businesses to have their toxic waste relabeled as fertilizer. What the heck, the EPA says 'tis OK. These URLs explain part of the reason why. The process began under Ann Gorsuch, nominated to mismanage the EPA by George Bush Sr. (See book for details.) Ironically, many autism-spectrum children are being found to have impaired detoxification (often related to gastrointestinal problems), to have high levels of various toxic metals, and to improve subsequent to gut-healing, nutritional support, and removal of toxic metals (by physician-supervised chelation)". .

N– What's Good for the Earth is Good for You!

All Youth: Free (if 18 years old or under and pre-registered)

World Organic Trade Fair & Other International Events, Annual (various dates and locations). Info: International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

Organic Farming Publications (ATTRA)

Artscape Organic-Care, LLC

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– "grow well in organic & low input conditions. Canada's heritage seed-saving network. Their website includes an extensive list of Heritage Seed Companies in Canada, USA, England & France. Don't miss their annual "Seedy Saturday" fairs across Canada each spring, offering seed exchanges, workshops, trade show tables, and more. . See also the section on "What is Biodiversity", above, for further explanation of why heritage seeds are crucially important.

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–Seed companies & nurseries that sell heirloom and rare or endangered varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs (see also "Seeds of Diversity", above)