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That’s all the Old Testament was looking for as we have just read in Psalm chapter 2. The coming of the King. Yes He would be rejected. He would die. He would be raised from the dead. Then would come the wrath and vexation. But what’s the next verse in Psalm chapter 2? In spite of everything man has done, they can’t upset God’s program.

There is a vast difference between the Gospel of Grace and the Gospel of theKingdom.

In The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck
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But not only of Satan, we are also going to have the wrath ofGod.

The importance of working hard and not taking anything for granted was highly stressed at home....

Remember what I said in the last program? This isn’t an unfair God. This isn’t an unjust God. These millions of Tribulation people have had the same opportunity for salvation that you and I have had, but what have they done with it? They’ve walked it underfoot. They’ve had absolutely no concern about the things of God. So when someone says, "How can the God of love be so cruel?" I always say, look, God spent all of His cruelty of the human race on His Son at the cross. Christ suffered like you and I can never imagine, and He did that for the whole human race.

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