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The price He paid for our salvation should bring us to our knees,
In repentance and thanksgiving for this gift of grace received.
Eternal life with God we have because our Savior chose,
To live and die among the thorns and be One Perfect Rose.

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From the cross to a borrowed tomb the Son of God had gone,
But in three days He would arise and roll away the stone.
For those who came upon the stone, He left His burial clothes,
To all around they would proclaim He was One Perfect Rose.

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In her poem “One Perfect Rose,” Dorothy Parker misleads the reader throughout the first and second stanzas into believing this poem is a romantic tribute to a tender moment from her past through her word choice and style of writing. However, the tone of the entire poem dramatically changes upon reading the third and final stanza when Parker allows the reader to understand her true intention of the poem, which is a cynical and perhaps bewildered view of the memory. And, with this shift in the tone in the third stanza, there is a shift in the meaning of the entire poem, leading the reader to believe that the first two stanzas were not, in fact, sweet but instead a sarcastic and bitter account of this past moment. In the first stanza, Dorothy Parker uses specific words to create a double meaning.

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The Rose of Sharon He was called but Jesus was His name.
One Perfect Rose among the thorns, God's glory to proclaim.
Upon the cross on Calvary's Hill, His love for us He shows,
To save our souls and pay sin's price required One Perfect Rose.

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