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I am not in the medical profession either; however, I do research every medical condition the doctors have diagnosed me with and the list is getting quite long. I went through breast cancer treatment in 2012-13 (chemotherapy and radiation) which resulted in a 30 lb gain…weight & fluid retention. The treatments left me very lethargic and I was dragging myself around, forcing myself to do things. Just when I thought I was getting better, I had to have back surgery to fuse a deformed vertebrae to an extra vertebrae. Talk about being flat on your back! Well, things just get better and better. Here is the rest of the list of problems that have been diagnosed: Lymphedema, edema in lower legs, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, sleep apnea, numerous ulcers in my stomach and upper intestines, early osteoporosis in lower back (from cancer treatment), and now, possible fatty liver disease…I have an appointment for final diagnosis. My oncologist ran blood work which showed elevated liver enzymes then ordered a CT which resulted in her referral to my gastroenterologist for final determination. I should say that all my problems are being treated except the pre-diabetic and osteoporosis which I am trying to deal with through diet and exercise. I receive lumbar injections to combat the irritated nerves in my back where the fusion took place which helps reduce/eliminate the edema in my legs and helps control/reduce the pain from my back so I don’t have to use excessive amounts of pain medicine. Needless to say, I am about at my wits end trying to manage all of this, which is why I am so glad to see this site.

reminded me of how important it is to get FACTS straight
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The narration by Ptolemy is also much more effective this time around, partly because it no longer feels like a desperate stopgap measure and partly because it now reveals itself more clearly as a way for Stone to get one of his key points across, the fact that history as we know it has always been an interpretation of the facts rather than a straight recitation of them. Right from the start, as Ptolemy is reciting Alexander's history 40 years after his death, he claims that such time was needed for him to get a real grip on who Alexander was and even then admits that the events he describes are as how he has chosen to interpret them. Instead of depicting the historical truth (which would be an impossibility), Stone tries to show how a historical record is formed and how who tells the tale is as important as the tale itself. Heard in this light and no longer bearing the onus of carrying people from point A to point B, the narration plays a lot better.

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Oliver Stone Defines Useful Idiot in ‘The Putin Interviews ..
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I was never given any medication for my condition, as the best cure is no alcohol, proper diet and exercise to get your weight down and take stress off of your liver. For extra supplements, I have an article . Take care of yourself!

Oliver Stone’s JFK examined the possible ..

You’re so young! Yes, there is more and more evidence that diabetes and fatty liver are connected, since the liver plays a large role in regulating blood sugar levels. There’s no specific exercises targeting only the liver. It’s a whole body approach to your health, and lifestyle changes. You are going to have to completely cut out drinking, as alcohol puts undue stress on your liver. Reduce carbs, eat lighter meals and lots of fresh (not dried) fruits and vegetables – the same advice as for a diabetic diet. During the day, try to go for walks on your breaks, and walk during the evening. Good luck!

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Whenever a stranger who is thought of some consequence arrives in Salt Lake City, the church diplomats"make a business of it" to get hold of him ard give him "the facts" about important points of church history.

10 Things You Need To Know About Billions

"Well," said he, "there are many thingsrevealed in these last days that the world would laugh and scoff" at, but unto us is given to know the mysteries ofTHE KINGDOM." He further observed: "Martha, you must learn to hold your tongue and it will be well withyou." When we reached the building he led me up some stairs to a small room, the door of which was locked andon it the inscription, "Positively no admittance." He observed: "Ah, brother Joseph must be sick, for, strangeto say, he is not here.