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More than 600 judges sit on district courts, almost 200 judges sit on courts of appeals, and 9 justices make up the Supreme Court. Because all federal judges have life terms, no single president will make all of these appointments.

Presidents must consider many factors in making their choices for federal judgeships:
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Roth noted that the Legislature several years ago voted in favor of creating 50 judicial positions but never kicked in the funds needed to pay for them. He characterized his bill as taking a “measured approach” to solving the state’s shortage on the bench.

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The bill calls for funding 11 new judgeships to alleviate pressure on the criminal justice system.
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The Constitution is silent on judicial qualifications. It meticulously outlines qualifications for the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the presidency, but it does not give any advice for judicial appointments other than stating that justices should exhibit "good behavior." As a result, selections are governed primarily by tradition.

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“This is an access to justice issue,” the senator said. “By funding additional judges to meet a critical and growing need, SB 229 is the first step in ensuring justice is delivered in a timely and equitable manner.”

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“The delivery of justice ... is a critical issue, not only for inland Southern California, but for the entire state,” Roth said. “As California weathered the global economic crisis, it was forced to make drastic cuts to the court system, resulting in costly delays and courtroom closures. Funding these judgeships will begin to reverse the substantial loss incurred by our justice system.”

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In 1861, everyone predicted a short war. Most believed that one battle of enormous proportion would settle a dispute at least 90 years in the making. But history dictated a far more destructive course.

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Four long years of battle changed everything. No other event since the Revolutionary War altered the political, social, economic, and cultural fabric of the United States. In the end, a predominantly industrial society triumphed over an agricultural one. The Old South was forever changed. The blemish of slavery was finally removed from American life, though its legacy would long linger.

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Recommendations often come from the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, members of Congress, sitting judges and justices, and the American Bar Association. Some judicial hopefuls even nominate themselves.