No you can't do that on Nintendo because Nintendo does it MUCH better

It has been over a month since the console hit shelves, but stores still can't keep up with demand. In an earnings call a few weeks ago, GameStop COO Tony Bartel said that despite Nintendo doubling its Switch production, he expects the retailer to be chasing supply .

Nintendo Confirms Switch Save Data Can't Be Transferred
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Sometimes shit happens, like accidentally deleting a save file you’ve invested lots of blood, sweat, and tears into. Unfortunately, there’s no way to backup the save files for Nintendo Switch games. It seems hard to believe but Nintendo has confirmed that’s the case.

All ROMs for Nintendo consoles have been removed …

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If shoppers can’t find a Nintendo 3DS by, say, tomorrow (the date that many retailers cut off guaranteed holiday delivery), that could leave a lot of budding or returning Nintendo fans out of luck for the holidays. We’ve contacted all respective parties, including Nintendo and several retailers, for information on what’s up with the stock shortages and when hopeful shoppers can look forward to more.