Tesla is most absolutely a genius and way ahead of his time.

I was at Stonehenge last month and did my ancient civ. paper on that place. I enjoyed the site and its surroundings. It does lend itself to mystic properties, dudes in white robes on a full moon also help that cause… Stonehenge was a multi purpose building, I could care less what Leonard Nimoy was paid to say or what the mystics would have you believe. Something that large and the way it was constructed begs to be used for all types of things. With a wood covering and walls it is instantly transformed into a fort, market center, church, town hall, great common sleeping room, a stable and many more things all in one shot with simply a wooden frame. As a builder, I see the practicality of construction, both old and new. This is a multi functional building, not just a stone calendar where Holy men check to see if all is well with the world a few times a year, spare me… However, the wood in certain areas could be removed on those special days to add some mystical fervor on the solstice so the head holy man could say everything is ok, we can have our festival and life can carry on as usual… It is a great structure in the fact it intigrated common needs into one building: Spiritualism, Defence, Shelter, Storage, Marketing along with other factors, welcome to civilization…
I believe we took a path away from Teslas work and have been limited in our advancement. I believe magnetic energy exists on this planet… duhhh we are on large a huge piece of metalic rock in motion, of course we will have magnetic forces at work. What I have not seen is actual magnetic research to show that this spot is more magnetic than that and be able to say, “look here, that is why this big old structure was built.” Could a case be made for the Pyriamids, Macchu Pichu, The Empire State Building, Chitzen Itza, the McDonald’s on main street, a Wal Mart? Sure… I am certain, at times there exists magnetic anomolies at all of these places in one form or another. My point is, to what end?? What are the practical benifits of centering a structure on a magnetic field of this low instensity flucuation? I have read of Teslas work and opinions of the past. As far as the Bible goes here is another tidbit for you. I thought of this while in school a few years back. The Hebrews freshly freed from the Egyptian captivity venture into the dessert led by a cloud by day and fire by night. I’ve heard conflicting reports on how many Hebrews there were 500k-6 million, alot…
That many people in a dessert terrain would raise a cloud that could be seen for miles during the day and at night a pillar of fire would be visible in the night sky with the many thousands of campfires at night. Makes sense? But it is still miraculous they were preserved by God… Again, in my opinion, Science isnt a tool to debunk God, it helps to reveal the secrets… I agree the Ark was a fiercesome tool and was feared and reveared. What if it was a capacitor?? God still resided w/ the people as God does today. Just a matter of Faith, either it is a part of your reason/being or it isnt… I agree we are not a smart as we think, we are a very arrogant and often misled lot. However, we do have potential and a way of making it by the skin of our teeth :)

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The trouble with Nikola Tesla is that he lives a century ahead of his time. He has often been denounced as a dreamer even by well informed men. He has been called crazy by others who ought to know better. For Tesla talks in a language that most of us do not as yet understand. But as the years roll on Science more and more appreciates his greatness, and begins to pay him tribute more and more.

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Unable to interest anyone in Europe in promoting this radical device, Tesla accepted an offer to work for Thomas Edison in New York.
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Description: Nikola Tesla's amazingly creative intellect gave us alternating current, fluorescent lighting, wireless communication, cheap electrical power, and the rudiments of computer science and robotics. Seifer does an admirable job of explaining Tesla's technical feats and analyzing his psychological idiosyncrasies. This meticulously researched biography deserves attention from all who would understand the triumph and tragedy Nikola Tesla's life.

Nikola Tesla had some hard times in his life

There are quite a few books available about Tesla or some aspect of his inventions and discoveries. The Cheney book is entertaining and gives a good sense of what the man was like, but is not a good exposition of his inventions. The story also is not covered in a linear fashion, but moves around in time in a way that can be confusing. It explores his relationship with best friends Robert and Katherine Johnson, including the text of many notes between himself and Katherine. For those who want to know more about Tesla technology, check out the many books about him available online.

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Cheney quotes a scientist who was commenting on the results of experiments in Antarctica with very low frequency radio waves transmitted by antenna to the upper atmosphere: "The theoretical implication sugested by their work is that global weather control can be attained by the injection of relatively small 'signals' into the Van Allen belts." This is from the 1981 edition of the book, written well before the HAARP project was initiated. Is weather control another legacy from Nikola Tesla?