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Residential support professionals with companion staff and individual support staff combine to provide the level of support needed for the individual. CLOs can take the form of single apartments, condos or independent living paired with outreach support. The benefit of CLOs is their fluidity and flexibility. As people's needs change, so does the nature of the CLO and the support provided. A CLO provides a positive environment which promotes confidence and raises one's self esteem through taking calculated, well informed risks toward independence. The outreach staff guide a person through this process. In some cases a live-in companion resides in the CLO arrangement and provides the "invisible net of support" which is so valuable for growth.

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A change in living arrangement must be reported to NYS SSP within ten (10) days of the date of the change. Please note that a change in who is in the household must be reported even if your address has not changed. The death of a household member, or changes to who is living in the household are living arrangement changes that must be reported.

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NOTE: You must report any change in your State Living Arrangement directly to NYS SSP, not to the SSA.