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New Coke thus joined rabbit jerky, clear beer and the eight-track tape in the pantheon of marketing goofs, products that seemed like good ideas at the time.

The successful new products can help companies to maintain or grow their market share and sales.

I had an experience this weekend that made me think a little more about Pepsi and recognition of their product. I was at a 50th Anniversary festival for Union City, CA. They were serving Chinese food and sodas at the food concession with local teens volunteering to serve. I asked the girl (she was maybe 14) for a Pepsi. She handed me a Pepsi Max. I think Pepsi Max is diet? I pointed out it was Pepsi Max and I would like a regular Pepsi. She had to pick through two or three cans (The Max, the regular Diet and then finally a regular Pepsi.) It was an old logo Pepsi can with a very busy can design. It seemed to me that this teen was probably in Pepsi’s target demographic and she was having trouble easily recognizing a regular Pepsi. Pepsi has always seemed to have a variety of different designs. I think it hurts the brand. I don’t really care much for the new logo. My first though was “sailing”. But first and foremost, I don’t want to have to study your product to make sure I am selecting the correct Pepsi product. Maybe, this clean look will help differentiate their different types of products?

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Whether it’s Coke or candy, the disastrous reaction to a product also reveals the power of unintended consequences.

The clear products more or less surfaced together, and more or less died together as well. Pepsi-Cola got its own cola comeuppance when Crystal Pepsi, a clear version of its trademark brand, fizzled in the stores, as roundly dismissed by consumers as New Coke was five years earlier.

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For example, in America, nowadays, there are about 70% to 85% companies using this process to drive their new products to the market (Darasteanu & Moskalenko, 2010).

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Phase 4: Market Analysis
Phase 5: Product Development
Phase 6: Test Marketing
Phase 7: Commercialization
The first stage of new product development process needs to search for new product opportunities and seek product ideas.

A solar powered flashlight is not a bad idea

Definition of New Product Development (NPD)
New Product Development Process (NPDP)
Every entrepreneur knows that productivity is one of the key ingredients for successful product development.

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It can help company to achieve their goals or change the present situation.
The Coca-Cola Company Research and Brand teams held an idea generating meeting to explore how to create a healthy coke.
Every employee was encouraged to bring up their own thought.
Also new product development ideas can come from customers.

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A group of young people aged from 10 to 20 can be utilized to help develop this new coke of Coca Cola.

The sources of new offering ideas for Coca Cola
In the phase of idea screening, new product ideas are analyzed to determine whether or not the ideas match the resources and goals of companies.
The idea screening’s objective is to try to refrain from mistakes in the early stages of NPD process.
Better idea screening might have helped Coca-Cola avoid problems.
One of the ideas has been passed in the screening was the Coca Cola Zero.

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For a company whose flagship product once boasted of being “the real thing,” the mind-boggling number of tweaks on the iconic product might seem confusing. But one marketing expert said Coke's strategy is part of an industrywide marketing process.