NASA's Near-Earth Object Program

"The goal of the LINEAR project is to demonstrate the application of technology originally developed for the surveillance of earth orbiting satellites, to the problem of detecting and cataloging Near Earth Asteroids (also referred to as Near Earth Objects, or NEOs) that threaten the Earth."

Binzel discusses the origin of near-Earth objects and the dangers those pose.

As the measures the strength andpotential damage from earth quakes, the will now be usedto measure the potential for damage from objects striking Earth.

Near-Earth Objects - The Watchers

Hale discusses the search for near earth objects and ways to deflect them.

This idea continues to be very controversial although confirms the existence of some new phenomenon in Earth's upper atmosphere which appears to be the arrival of objects containing a lot of water.

Meteorites have impacted planet Earth many times

A sixth known near-Earth asteroid in just 4 days flew past Earth within 1 lunar distance on January 19, 2018. The latest asteroid was designated 2018 BF3 and it flew past Earth at a distance of 0.63 LD / 0.00162 AU (~242 348 km / 150 588 miles) at 03:00 UTC. This...

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The distance from the center of the Earth to the Solar Systemobject, given in astronomical units (kilometers for the Moon). Distance is not calculated forstars.

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and other near-Earth object search programs demonstrate thatthe Earth is surrounded by a swarm of asteroids and comets that threatenus with collision and world-wide destruction.