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In December 1988, two agreements were signed: one between South Africa, Angola and Cuba, creating the conditions for implementation of the UN plan, the second between Angola and Cuba, setting out a timetable for withdrawal of Cuban troops. A formal ceasefire came into effect in April 1989; this was followed by clashes in northern Namibia between SWAPO and South African forces, resulting in the deaths of some 300 SWAPO fighters.

…is a large “sign” and a statue of Sam Nujome. the first President of Namibia.

UN-supervised elections were held in November 1989. Ten political parties stood, including SWAPO, which gained 57 per cent of the votes and 41 of 72 seats in the Constituent Assembly. In February 1990 Dr Sam Nujoma was elected by the Constituent Assembly to be the first President of an independent Namibia. Nujoma (76 per cent of the popular vote in the first presidential election) and SWAPO (73 per cent in the National Assembly elections) were returned to power in the December 1994 elections.

…in the history that finally created Namibia.

…the First floor, where you see something of Namibias pre-colonial history…

In 1977 South Africa had annexed Walvis Bay, Namibia’s only deep-water port, together with a surrounding 1,124 sq km enclave and the 12 offshore Penguin Islands. Walvis Bay remained a subject of dispute until March 1994, when it and the islands were returned to Namibia.

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Namibia: stable economy, daunting challenges - United Nations

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Stable economy, daunting challenges

Dear Colleague, I am writing in my capacity as Project Planning and Training Officer with the Museums Association of Namibia. We are an NGO that supports regional museum development in Namibia. We have a Facebook page if you would like to know more about us and have also just set up a Web Page, but do not have much content yet. I was very impressed with the quality of photographs that you took at the Independence Museum and was wondering whether we might be able to obtain copies for our Digital Database of images of Namibian museums. If so, we would make sure that you are credited if we use the photograph in any future publication. Best wishes, Jeremy