Considering the mystery of UFO's is essentially an aerial phenomenon it isn't surprising that a large percentage of the best sightings are made by military pilots on routine missions! R

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One of the most spectacular video footages of a UFO encounter was taken by cameras on board the Discovery space shuttle on 15 September, 1991. The video sequence was picked up live by a number of amateurs who were directly monitoring the transmissions. The material has been shown in news broadcasts and circulated amongst UFO researchers worldwide. R

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The following are excerpts of conversations from Apollo Astronauts on the Moon to Mission Control - which show that the Astronauts came across some strange and hard-to-explain structures and unusual sightings of unidentified craft - while on the surface of the Moon. The following Apollo Astronaut conversations were mostly taken from the out-of-print book "Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon" by Don Wilson (Dell, 1975):

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Section from the Condon Report detailing three sightings of UFOs by astronauts. 'There are three visual sightings made by the astronauts while in orbit which, in the judgment of the writer, have not been adequately explained.' R

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Space hero Gordon Cooper, one of the original "Right Stuff" astronauts, says he knows that UFOs exist ­ because he's SEEN them! In a world exclusive interview, Cooper has broken his silence to become the first astronaut to speak openly about alien spacecraft. He says there's been a massive government cover-up of UFOs for nearly 50 years ­ and insists the American public has a right to know the truth. R

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Thirteen reports from the Committee for Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), an official agency of the Chilean Air Force that investigates UFO sightings.

In Oregon, in May of 1950, a farmer named Mr

In-depth article from the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper about NARCAP, Dr. Richard Haines, and pilot UFO sightings. 'Headed by former NASA scientist Richard Haines of Los Altos, the year-old group is one of several private organizations saying that UFOs deserve a measured, scientific look. With research helpers around the country, it's a confidential sounding board for professionals in the taboo-bound aviation field.' R

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Richard Haines presented a summary of his extensive research into pilot-UFO-sighting reports. He now has a catalog of over 3,000 pilot reports, of which approximately 4% involve transient electromagnetic effects allegedly associated with the presence of strange objects. Another catalog of aircraft-UFO-encounter cases (referred to by Velasco in Section 5) is being compiled by Weinstein (1997) as a GEPAN/SEPRA project; this catalog currently contains several hundred aircraft-UFO-encounter cases. R

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Statistics show that across the world UFO sightings occur at a rate of around one every two or three minutes. Not surprising then that pilots of commercial airliners should be high on the list of people to have most witnessed them. R