My Dog Saved My Life: What It Means to Really Live and Love

“Is Raw Love better than anything else? One of my dogs is a Golden Retriever who is besotted with biltong and raw fish, so when I bought my first tub of Raw Love I placed some biltong in the same bowl as the Raw Love to see… ”

As in, a decade of my life has been lived, and is recorded, on this website.

I have a lifelong fear of dogs. And when i say fear, I mean debilitating, panic attack inducing phobia. I have wanted to confront this fear my whole life. Now I am with my boyfriend who absolutely loves dogs. He decided to adopt a rescue while I was away for the holidays (we live together). This is a BIG dog, part husky/malamute and now I feel like my home is a dangerous place. The dog senses my fear and responds by growling at me, which only increases my fear and anxiety. It is not fair that this animal is now ruling my emotions and my life. I avoid my home until I know my boyfriend is home, because he won’t let the dog harm me and I Resent feeling so dependent on him, even though he put me in this situation. I don’t hate dogs, I am fearful of them and I believe my boyfriend has been incredibly selfish to do this to me. I love my boyfriend but feel like this crossed a serious line and I don’t know what to do.

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All joking aside, it really bothers me that, more often than not, Max sees our pets as mine and not his. When they are being cute and playful they are his pets too, but when Pinch is barking obnoxiously or one of the cats has tracked litter across the floor, they are always my pets. He doesn’t understand why I talk to them in a squeaky voice or am willing to spend all my disposable income on premium litter, treats, and dog sweaters. That said, I know he cares about them, and he takes excellent care of all four when I’ve gone on a solo trip back to Canada. I think he knows just how much I need pets in my life and .

I Love My Dogs, Tula & MOCHI

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A blog about Tula the Wonder Dog & Mochi the Tiny but Mighty..

Oddly, the most therapeutic posts for me were the ones about what would have been tragedies, except that I was able to share them with you, in all their ridiculous how-did-this-happen-to-me glory. Such as when I went to get Noah up from a nap and . AND HE CLAIMED IT BIT HIM. And the time I picked up my kid’s giant turd out of the bathtub and “accidentally” . When I lived out a mom. And multiple sleepwalking injuries (some requiring ER visits), such as the time – twice in one night. And also the time that my children were .

We cannot live a full life without them

These are just a few of the posts that I remember. I often click on a link to an old post and have absolutely zero recollection of ever writing it. Which is why, for my tenth anniversary of recording our family’s history, I am rewarding myself with getting my entire blog printed out into an Encyclopedia-Brittanica-Sized set of hardback books. For me to read, for Ali to read (she loves reading the first 500 posts, which I printed out many years ago), For Noah to browse and read one day, and for there to be an actual, physical product to represent the thousands of semi-pointless hours that I’ve put into this endeavor.

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But the absolute best product to come out of this blog have been friendships. I have met up in real life with more blog friends than I can count, and have had those meetings in at least six states. I have dozens of friends that I would have never met were it not for me sharing my endless meanderings here. I have learned with you, laughed with you, and lived life with you. And for that, I am eternally grateful.