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The World War II classic song was used as a part of a risqué musical pieceentitled , one of several songsperformed in the 1974 musical The copyright owner of sued for copyright infringement.

Watch out, however, as new laws are moving copyrightviolation into the criminal realm.
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How are these ephemeral, transitory copies to be treated incopyright law?Can I sue every time someoneclicks on my website and downloads a copy to their computer without mypermission?Is my e-mail serviceprovider liable for copyright infringement lawsuits when it saves my e-mail onits servers?Can Google be sued forcopyright infringement when it makes copies of websites on its servers forsearch purposes?Is it possible that anactionable copy is made every time something is loaded into a computer’s randomaccess memory without the copyright owner’s express permission?

A copyright, or aspects of it (e.g

Sampling and Copyright—How to Obtain Permission to Use Samples, ElectronicMusician,
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$100 billion.
Piracy hurts copyrighting.
It costs thousands of jobs.
A Dutch man admitted uploading over 5,000 ebooks to the popular P2P site, Pirate Bay.
His court case was dismissed because the court ruled it can't be criminally prosecuted as copyright.
It violates principles of due process.
History of piracy
Arrival of P2P-
Shawn Fanning: Changed music and media history by creating Napster.
Napster allowed computer user to share and exchange files.
It was know as a Peer to Peer site or P2P for short (P2P will be used for the duration of this presentation).
Why Online Piracy Should Be Legal
History Continued
Domination of P2P-
P2P traffic in 2008 was 44% of all consumer internet traffic globally.
In 2010 file sharing was accounted for 35% of all internet traffic.
It doubled again from 2010 to 2013.
Downfall of free music-
In 2000 Artists sued Napster for copyright.
Napters' free music ceased to exist.

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Copyright gives the creators of some types of media rights to control how they're used and distributed. Music, books, video and can all be covered by copyright law.

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The DOJ itself has opposed this expansion of its role,complaining that this additional responsibility could be a distraction from itsprosecution of criminal cases and would transform it into an office serving as lawyers for the entertainment industry—they argued that the privatesector should remain responsible for enforcing its copyrights in federal civillawsuits.I don’t think that the governmentshould be the enforcer for the music or movie industry—record labels and moviestudios should have to do this themselves.