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Yes. The MD format stores data like hard-disk or floppy-disk drives in computers. The TOC contains a list of starting/ending positions and names for each track, like the directory in computers. Tracks can be erased, divided, combined, moved [or just ``swapped'' on some early models] and named like the files in computers. For example, after recording 11 5-minute tracks on a 60-minute MD, 55 minutes are used and 5 minutes remain. If the user decides to erase track #8, the TOC gets updated, and now 50 minutes are used by 10 tracks and 10 minutes remain. If the user now decides to make a 7 minute recording, no problem. After pressing the rec. button, the MD recorder seeks the next "empty" spot on the medium (according to the TOC) and starts. The resulting track consists of two separatesegments of audio material: five minutes at the end of the MD and two minutesout of the space where track #8 used to be. During playback of the 7 minute track, the read-ahead buffer keeps the audio material seamless while the mechanism jumps between the first chunk of the track and the second one... Now try that on any sequential medium (DAT, DCC, analog cassette)!

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On recordable MDs, 32 out of 36 sectors in every cluster (the smallestrecordable unit) are used for storing audio data. Of the remaining 4sectors, 3 are needed to accommodate the start up and run out of theerror correction code, as stated in the : ``Becauseof the long interleaved ACIRC error correction code, three sectorsmust be used as "linking sectors." If the user changes or adds newdata to the MD disc, two or three sectors for every start and endposition of the new data need to be recorded.''. In other words, somespace is wasted to accommodate re-recordability. On pre-recorded MDs,however, the data is fixed during mastering as one continuous stream,so these 3 extra sectors can be devoted to sub-data (but there is nodocumentation as to what this extra sub-data space could be usedfor). The says that the maximum duration of a pre-recorded MD is78:16.

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Whether the audio from a DVD movie can be copied digitally dependsupon the DVD title itself (i.e. the content on the DVD disc) and how thecopy-protection permissions were set on its audio track. Judging byuser reports, DVD movies seem generally to be set to not allow digitalcopies of their audio tracks (however out of keeping this may be withthe spirit of the ). Theavailablility of DVD titles with digitally copyable audio tracks mayvary from region to region, and may be more likely with Europeantitles.