Both began their headcoaching careers at New England colleges.

I still retain a few first impressions: first, he was a nice guy, notat all affected by all the publicity he'd received. Second, he was short. I was 5-11 then (we all shrink with age), and heseemed shorter than me.

Talent? How could anyone tell? He scarcely saw the practicefield, let alone game action. To this day, I don't know why webothered to bring him in, unless it was because our coach, RonWaller, was pissed off at one of our backup QBs and wanted to shake himup. That would have been my guess, and the particular QB wouldhave been Frank DiMaggio. DiMaggio, out of Temple, had playedwith the Bridgeport Jets in the Atlantic Coast Football League theseason before, and he had a rifle arm. But like our starter, Jim"King" (a self-given nickname) Corcoran, he was a brash, cocky Jerseykid, and one of them was all Waller could handle. It couldn'thave been the other backup, Mike Yancheff, a kid out of Rutgers who'dplayed with Waller for a few years in the minor leagues.

Coach Carter would teach them to maintain a good GPA as well as to keep a strong discipline.

(New Nebraska AD Bill Moos has his work cut out for him. He needsa coach, and he needs Scott Frost.

If Nebraska is haunted by what it did to Frank Solich, it’sfor good reason. Solich, a former Cornhusker player, hadcarried on the long, proud line of Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne, but waslet go after the 2003 regular season by an overly-ambitious suit of anAD who thought a 10-win season was a fireable offense.

In his six years at Lincoln, Solich had gone 58-19, and he hadthe Cornhuskers in bowl games every year. Five of his teams wereranked in the Top 20, and three of them in the Top 10.

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Hecontinued his career in basketball playing, coaching, and managing inthe NBA.

For hishaving participated in sports in both North AND South Dakota, and forwhat he did when he left there, he has to be the best.

The best athlete ever to come out of North Dakota must be RogerMaris, a high very good high school football player who turned downa football scholarship at Oklahoma in order to pursue a baseballcareer - a decision that you’d have to agree turned out pretty well forhim.

Phil Jackson was from North Dakota, too. Most people know him asa pretty doggone good basketball coach, but anybody who can play in theNBA for 14 years, as he did, is a good athlete as well.

And now there’s Carson Wentz, the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback.

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And so we went with Carson. And what follows ought to be a lessonto any coach out there who’s tempted to go with ability ahead ofcharacter.

That year, with Carson at QB and a large number of freshmen andsophomores starting, we finished 3-6. (That wasn't all thatbad - three wins was all they’d had in the previous two years combined.)

In his junior year, 2012, Carson got a little better, and so didwe. We were 4-6, counting a first-round playoff loss. I canstill see Carson standing in the locker room after that playoffgame, tears in his eyes as he removed his shoulder pads. Itold him not to take the loss so hard, but he shook his head.

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Like 14 straight lossesto Navy.

But I can deal with that, because I know the kind of kids they are -the best America can find. Not necessarily the best footballplayers, you understand, but while your typical SEC player is leavingcollege with at most a degree in something meaningless, and, unless hemakes it in the NFL, few career prospects, these guys are training tolead troops into battle. They’re the kind of guys who will standfor the national anthem in full view of everyone in the stadium, whilethe rest of their team skulks out of sight in the tunnel.

So I have to admit that it bothered the sh- out of me Saturday when theArmy punter took an obvious flop and drew a 15-yard roughing thepasser penalty - and then was caught by the TV camera laughingabout what he’d just gotten away with.

It bothered the sh— out of me because West Point, like all serviceacademies and military colleges and a few civilian schools as well, hasan honor code:

"A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those whodo."

In my coaching book,

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I’d coachedhim a couple of years before, when he was a freshman, and I liked himthen. But things change, and now, two years later, although hewas something of a leader, he didn’t seem to be leading other kids inthe right direction, if you understand what I’m saying.

Carson, physical attributes aside, was everything you’d ask for in aquarterback. He was smart and hard-working. He tookcoaching well and he was a quick learner. He was very positive.