However, it wasn't the principal who forbid him from going.

-These after high school parties in Texas seem pretty fucking epic and over the top and as everyone knows about them, including the adults, and no one cares because they are celebrating a win.

The film's story was condensed to take place over the course of one year from 1976 to 1977.

-OHHHH This is where all the soundtrack budget went, to Eddie Van Halen for “Hot for Teacher”! I mean I know they had to sell the joke, but god damn the rest sucks.

After that day, Radio was taken to every game, and the T.L.

-How many teens mixed percocet, vicodin, and beers to “make the panites drop” and killed someone as a result of the movie? Talked about missed class action lawsuit potential.

-Dawson soliloquy. Don’t worry this isn’t any version of Shakespeare.

-Paul Walker tore every ligament in his knee. The surgeon isn’t even sure how he was playing because of how much old damage he can see during the initial surgery. Angelina Jolie’s dad claims to know nothing about it.

-Seriously fucking awful soundtrack.

-A football clock play spikes the ball to stop the clock. Dawson throws the ball at the opposing mascot, knocking him down for his clock play. It technically wastes a second, but its a funny running gag so its ok that its totally football inaccurate. /sarcasm

-The Big Ole Billy Bob starts stripping at the strip club.

-Ali Larter reads the writing on the wall and knows that Paul Walker is a dead man as a football player. She leaves the hospital with Dawson and changes her clothes in his car on the ride to the after football party. So we have seen Ali Larter have significant dialogue in like 3 scenes and she is twice in her bra and once in a cheerleader top. After this movie I had Ali Larter and her wide vagina pegged for the Poison Ivy((Totally underrated!)) series not Heroes.

Mom: “Kyle, did you start a cult?”

-Billy Bob passes out. And it totally should have been a false start that would have blown the play dead. Paul Walker gets sacked, his knee is crushed, he starts screaming in pain. He gets carted off. No one cares how Billy Bob is.

-Mutiny in the locker room, ya scurvy bastards!

-Billy Bob looks bad on the sideline holding an oxygen mask to his face. Angelina Jolie’s dad puts him in the game anyway. Its obvious he has no business being in the game, but the Coyotes trail.

-More Offspring? Continues shitty soundtrack this does.

-When Dawson’s little brother walks into the house with Bacon the pig, Dawson runs out and finds Billy Bob Belushing Jack Daniels and shooting his football trophies. Dawson doesn’t let Billy Bob shoot himself.