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Where men before this time were considered manlier if they constrained themselves to “civilized” practices such as fathering or piousness, men in the nineteenth century gained a higher sense of masculinity from “primitive” practices such as more sexual activity and roughhousing.

Modern Day Masculinity — Salient

There is a crisis in modern masculinity, with men struggling to deal with pressures in their personal and professional lives, according to a report by the mental health charity (the Campaign Against Living Miserably).

How to Be a Man: Redefining Masculinity | HuffPost

The CALM report, A Crisis in Modern Masculinity: Understanding the Causes of Male Suicide, analysed the pressures and expectations that men and women face in their daily lives, and concluded that men are failing to cope, as well as keeping their problems hidden from others.

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It’s harder to have an open discussion about men’s issues and the unattainable standards of masculinity without it sounding like a punchline of a joke or like you’re bagging on feminism.