Mnemonic Devices Help Students Retain Information

"Mnemonics are memory devices that help learners recall larger pieces of information, especially in the form of lists like characteristics, steps, stages, parts, phases, etc."​

9 Types of Mnemonics for Better Memory - learning assistance

Mnemonic devices commonly use a rhyme, such as "30 days hath September, April, June and November," so that they can be recalled easily. Some use an acrostic phrase where the first letter of each word stands for another word, such as "Practically every old man plays poker regularly," to remember the geologic ages of Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene, and Recent. These two techniques effectively aid memory.

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He found that students who regularly used mnemonic devices increased test scores up to 77%

So where do human beings fit in when it comes to the order of taxonomy? Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Primatae, Hominidae, Homo sapiens. Try one of these mnemonic devices: