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What had once been a luxury for the rich, was to become an enjoyment that anyone could afford...the Hershey bar.

With his Hershey Chocolate Company growing by leaps and bounds, Hershey decided to sell his caramel company (for $1 million, an enormous sum in 1900!) and devote his attention to making chocolate.

Today named the Milton Hershey School, it has since opened its doors to girls as well.

More than 16 million children in the United States—nearly one out of four—live below the federal poverty level with their families earning less than $23,550 annually. These low-income households face many challenges, from lacking economic resources, to little or no access to health and wellness care. Read the white paper, “How Schools Can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty: A Whole Child Approach” to gain valuable insight into the specific challenges children from poverty face.

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On Friday, March 9 at 2:15 p.m., Milton Hershey School elementary students will perform “Dr. Seuss Stories,” a compilation of vignettes of books by Dr. Seuss. View a live stream of their performance:

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The Milton Hershey School, along with Hershey’s other philanthropic endeavors, have expanded and prospered, with the school housing and educating hundreds of boys and girls.

Milton Hershey School, Hershey, Pennsylvania

In 1918 and with no fanfare, Hershey transferred the bulk of his considerable wealth, including his ownership in the Hershey Chocolate Company and other enterprises, to the Hershey Trust to be held for the Hershey Industrial School.

With the death of Milton Hershey in 1945, the company, town and institutions that bear his name were well positioned to continue and grow.

Milton S. Hershey Medical Center - Hershey, PA

As time went on, Hershey saw to it that the town added a community building, a department store, a convention hall, an amusement park, a swimming pool, and schools.

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The Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network (PSAYDN) has selected Milton Hershey School Student Program Leader Sharice Johnson as a 2018 Afterschool Champion. The award recognizes outstanding work in developing, supporting, and promoting meaningful, high-quality afterschool programs to benefit children and families across Pennsylvania. Sharice was honored in the individual category for her top-notch programming for…