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Through the Accompaniment Program, RMM accompanies rural workers – especially farmworkers – who seek to improve working and living conditions. For over fifteen years RMM has coordinated the statewide Justice for Farmworkers Legislative Campaign that has sought to ensure that the voice of the workers is heard at the policy-making tables that impact their lives.

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Factory farm workers routinely inhale hazardous levels of particulate matter as well as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases. Individually, each of these components is capable of causing severe health complications; however, it is their collective effect that is most harmful. Every facility has a unique combination of gases and particulate matter depending on the species of animal, the type of feed, the method of ventilation and the facility’s manure handling and storage practices.[1]

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Inhalable particulate matter is generally defined as airborne particles capable of reaching the lungs during normal breathing. In factory farms, these particles can come from many sources including dry fecal matter, feed, animal dander and skin cells, feathers, fungi, dry soil and bacterial endotoxins.[2] The prevalence of these conditions is evident by the fact that nearly 70% of all workers in experience one or more symptoms of respiratory irritation or illness.[1]

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Each year an estimated 17,000 Caribbean and Mexican migrant farm workers come to Ontario, up to 8 months, to work through the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP). This program is a guest worker program that attempts to respond to the labour shortage in the Canadian agricultural sector. This program is authorized by the federal government through the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC) and administered by privately run user-fee agencies. In Ontario the Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S) administers the program.

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Migrant workers, and the farms that employ them, play a vital role in the food economy of the province and across Canada. However, due to their seasonal employment and lack of full legal status in Canada, they are socially disadvantaged and have many barriers to accessing social support services.

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Jose Chapa, Justice for Farmworkers Campaign Coordinator, speaks with Susan Arbetter and Donna Lieberman on the Capitol Pressroom radio program. Listen to the broadcast to learn about the status of both the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act and also the lawsuit brought by NYCLU (with the Worker Justice Center of NY and the Worker's Center of Central New York) against NYS for excluding farmworkers from collective bargaining protections.

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In just three days, nearly 100 farmworkers and allies will set up camp outside the hedge fund offices of Wendy’s Board Chair Nelson Peltz on Park Avenue in the heart of Manhattan. They will gather there to launch a five-day fast to protest Wendy’s failure