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Nurses may not have the authority to make infrastructural changes, but they do have the power to suggest needed changes and take precautions to prevent medication errors, including the following:

 These are just some of the many possible medication errors that can occur.

Nurse educators and continuing education providers should include all of these prevention tips, and more, in to help nurses avoid medication errors that could have detrimental or even deadly consequences for patients, and significant consequences for nurses, including disciplinary action, job dismissal, criminal charges, and mental anguish.

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Wrong time errors , wherein a medication is given outside the predetermined interval from its scheduled time.

Environment : A nurse who is chronically overworked can make medication errors out of exhaustion. Additionally, lack of proper lighting, heat/cold, and other environmental factors can cause distractions that lead to errors.

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Medication errors can occur anywhere along the route, from the clinician who prescribes the medication to the healthcare professional who administers the medication.

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Systemic problems : Medications that aren't properly labeled, medications with similar names placed in close proximity to one another, lack of bar code scanning system, and other issues can lead to medical errors.

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Seventy percent of individuals in the U.S. take at least one medication per day, and more than half of all Americans take two.3 Every day atleast one death in the U.S. happens a result of a medication error, and approximately1.3 million people annually are injured due to medication errors. 4

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The fragmented nature of our healthcare system has contributed to an epidemic of medication and other medical errors today. When patients see multiple healthcare providers in different settings-whether by choice or otherwise-the result is often fragmentation of information. One doctor may not have access to the same patient information as another-one of the primary causes of medication errors.

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Breakdowns in communication among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and others in the healthcare system can lead to medication errors. The "SBAR" method can help alleviate miscommunications. SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) works like this:

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There are many types of medical errors, and they can occur anywhere in the healthcare system-from hospitals, to nursing homes, to pharmacies. The focus of this article is on medication errors in nursing. We'll examine different types of medication errors, how they occur, and prevention measures for reducing these errors.