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Surely the lesson of the McLibel case is that the determination of campaignershas ensured that the public is able to have access to material counteringthe glossy propaganda of multinationals, providing an alternative to theirhuge marketing budgets (McDonald's annual budget alone is over $2 billionworld-wide) - despite the role of the media and the legal establishment inpromoting and protecting the interests of big business.

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The long arm of McDonald's seems to have no limit

The complete UK media blackout of the 'McLibel: two world's collide' documentary- The wider availability and further broadcasts of the drama in other countrieswould seem to be even more appropriate in the light of the scandalous, currentmedia suppression of the 'McLibel: Two World's Collide' hour-long documentaryby One Off Productions which tells the full, inside story of the case.

12/12/2017 · Directed by Franny Armstrong

MEDIA SUPPRESSION OF THE CHANNEL 4 'MCLIBEL' DRAMATISATION AND THE 'MCLIBEL' DOCUMENTARY - the role of the media, and why the films must be widely shown.

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The subject off the media agenda worldwide is totalitarian corporatepower, as the supression of the McLibel documentary provesMost blatently at the BBC, Alisdair Milne, a 'producer power' Director General,sanctioned outstanding programmes critical of British Military Intelligenceand exposing Thatchers 'darling' Neil Hamilton's links to fascist groups.

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Underdogs, spies, a single father, a gardener, topical issues, historicalsignificance, 20th-century icons and a man in a red wig - the McLibel Trialhad all the elements of a ratings-winning, prime-time television documentary.

Reality (MCD) By Dan Moskowitz ..

Steel and Morris appealed to the that their right to legal aid (to ensure a fair trial) had been denied. When that body refused to hear the case, the pair filed a case with the (ECHR), contesting the UK government's policy that legal aid was not available in libel cases. In September 2004, the human rights action was heard by the ECHR. Lawyers for the McLibel Two argued that the original trial pitted a poor, powerless pair of individuals against the wealth and might of a large corporation and breached the pair's right to freedom of expression and to a fair trial.