The man now known as "Magneto" was born Max Eisenhardt

The Doctor complains about the human tendency to defang historical evils, resulting in ignorance of the larger applicable truths about them (like racism and cruelty), and directly compares how that Earth treats the Dalek to how the non-alternate Earth treats the Nazis.

Walter is conscripted into the military and takes Max to a hiding place on November 9, 1938.

A notable example is the film Ipolochagos Natassa (Lieutenant Natassa, aka Battlefield Constantinople), where SS Captain Max (played by Kostas Karras) is introduced not only as the and , but one that has personal story with the heroine before the war.

Big Banks Funded the Nazis and Launched a Coup …

The enemy is  commanding Nazis who are capable of  and using  in their plans for world domination.

His underlings include the Max von Alvenstor and the Bund leader and self-proclaimed "American Fuehrer" Otto Horst, who despite his fanatical devotion to Nazism was born in Milwaukee.

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More mundane Nazis may belong to the , which was comprised of the Heer (Army), Luftwaffe (Air Force) and Kriegsmarine (Navy), where they are and more likely to be .

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Back in Ukraine in 2010, then-President Viktor Yushchenko awarded Bandera the title of “National Hero of Ukraine,” marking the culmination of his efforts to manufacture an anti-Russian national narrative that sanitized the OUN-B’s fascism. (Yuschenko’s wife, was a former Reagan administration official and ex-staffer at the right-wing Heritage Foundation). When the European Parliament condemned Yushchenko's proclamation as an affront to "European values," the UCCA-affiliated Ukrainian World Congress accusing the EU of "another attempt to rewrite Ukrainian history during WWII." On its website, the UCCA historical accounts of Bandera's collaboration with the Nazis as "Soviet propaganda."

Today Coca-Cola is quite simply, a behemoth

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the head of the Abwehr, loathed the Nazis and put much of the Abwehr's energy into feeding them false information, smuggling Jews out from under their noses, and unsuccessfully trying to kill .


These Nazis are very influenced by (a particular reading of) , emphasizing heroism, struggle, and will, but they are also enthusiastic advocates of public order, advanced technology and impersonal modernistic efficiency; altogether, this makes them weird and even alien, but formidable adversaries, and the protagonists grudgingly come to respect the Landwehr officer they mainly tangle with as a .

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The Third Reich and it includes a few missions involving fights against the same comedic Nazis that were in the original games (there's also a new unit with a jetpack).