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Article Summary: "Mathematics is one of the first things you learn in life. Even as a baby you learn to count. Starting from that tiny age you will start to learn how to use building blocks how to count and then move on to drawing objects and figures. All of these things are important preparation to doing algebra."

Jeanne Wright: I'm getting them to tryto make sense of their world and math.

Baking and cooking requires some mathematical skill as well. Every ingredient has to be measured and sometimes you need to multiply or divide to get the exact amount you need. Whatever you do in the kitchen requires math. Even just using the stove is basic math skills in action.

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Any of those things that can then make it a real world example for the students.

Alan Fortescue is the Director of Education for Earthwatch Institute. As a follow up to his recent Q & A, he's discussing how to engage children in nature and why it's important.

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Everyday Mathematics emphasizes the application of mathematics to real-world situations. Numbers, skills, and mathematics concepts are not presented in isolation, but are linked to situations and contexts that are relevant to everyday life. The curriculum also provides numerous suggestions for incorporating mathematics into daily classroom routines and other subject areas.

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Every outing you plan needs your math skill. Whether you go to the beach or the zoo is irrelevant. You will plan your way there and you will use your time wisely, math is your guide that will assist you and help you. When driving you need fuel, oil and water, without it your car will break down. All of these require math.

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Whether you are painting, doing the flooring or just acquiring new furniture, you need math to make your sums add up. Everything you do inside or outside of your home needs math skills. From accessories to a new swimming pool and putting in new lighting.

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Keeping a diary has become an essential part of our daily lives. We run from place to place and appointment to appointment. Making appointments and having a time schedule that works for you requires math. Without a diary we will crash and burn. Some people even have to make appointments to take some time out. Math is a much needed skill in today's life.

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Every basic thing we use in life consist of history. That means statistics. Taking into account the past and the future, and keeping record of what has been done. Without statistics we won't know what worked and what didn't. It helps us to find balance and structure.