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As John Moss states, "What gives Margaret Laurence's vision the resonant dimensions of universal truth is the interlacing of the destructive and constructive effects of (Hagar's) recalcitrant pride Pride is a double-edged sword." Indeed, her great pride helps her to cope with the many difficulties she faces throughout her life.

 (p 304)  There are similarities between Hagar of the Old Testament and Margaret Laurence's.


Throughout the writing career of Margaret Laurence, she brought her readers to Manawaka, recreating the world in which her heroines Hagar (The Stone Angel), Stacey (The Fire-Dwellers) and Rachel (A Jest of God), grew up in.

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Margaret Laurence's grandfather, John Weymss, came from England to Neepawa in 1883.


"One of the most Convincing and the most touching portraits of an unregenerate sinner"(Time).

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It also prevents her from seeing that Marvin was the son she'd been looking for, that her pride had been holding her back, and that sometimes the problems of others were of more importance than her own.

The Early Years: The Beginnings of a Writer
Sunday, July 18th 1926, at 7:30pm at the Neepawa General Hospital, one of Canada's greatest authors, Margaret Laurence, was born to proud parents Robert and Verna Wemyss.

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In the novel The Stone Angel, Margaret Laurence introduces a character who seems to evolve her life around biblical imagery.

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"She was one of the Canada's best loved writers, the sometimes reclusive, sometimes gregarious woman..."(King)

" Margaret Laurence has become, through her own efforts and the commentary of critics, one of the most important and most Canadian of novelists"(J.M.