Marco Polo was born in 1254 in the Republic of Venice

Marco Polo's written accounts of his travels were the first Western record of porcelain, coal, gunpowder, printing, paper money, and silk; Polo wrote "Book of Ser Marco Polo" around 1298.

The following is an excerpt from Marco Polo's book in which he describes a :

The citizens could purchase paperback bookswith paper money, eat rice from fine porcelain bowls and wear silk garments, lived inprosperous city that no European town could match.Kublai Khan appointed Marco Polo as an official of the Privy Council in 1277 andfor 3 years he was a tax inspector in Yanzhou, a city on the Grand Canal, northeastof Nanking.

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The place Marco Polo grew up,Venice, was the center for commerce in the Mediterranean.

While traveledextensively in China, Marco Polo never learned the Chinese language nor mentioneda number of articles which are part of everyday life, such as women's foot-binding,calligraphy, or tea.

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Avoiding to travel the same route the Polos did 10 years ago, they made a wideswing to the north, first arriving to the southern Caucasus and the kingdom ofGeorgia.

Here begins what may properly be called Marco Polo's travels.

Marco also notedthe center of the asbestos industry in Uighuristan, with its capital Karakhoja; headded that the way to clean asbestos cloth was to throw it into a fire, and thata specimen was brought back from Cathay by the Polos and presented to the Pope.The fact that Marco was not a historian did not stop him offering a long history aboutthe Mongols.

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Marco Polo fell in love with the capital, which later became part ofBeijing, then called Cambaluc or Khanbalig, meant 'city of the Khan.' This new city,built because astrologers predicted rebellion in the old one, was described as the mostmagnificent city in the world.

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It was known as , The Million Lies and Marco earnedthe nickname of Marco Milione because few believed that his stories were true andmost Europeans dismissed the book as mere fable.In the summer of 1299 a peace was concluded between Venice and Genoa, and after a yearof captivity, Marco Polo was released from the prison and returned to Venice.

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