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While it was known that some vintages of wine were better than others even in prehistory, their keeping and consequent maturing qualities were not realized until the introduction of binning, the storing of wines in bottles laid on their sides...In 1821 Rickets of Bristol patented a machine for moulding bottles of uniform size and shape...Thus the modern wine bottle had evolved...From 1636, at about the time of the first appearance of glass bottles in post-Roman Britain, it was illegal to sell wine by the bottle.

When people consider alcoholic drinks from apples, we immediately think of Cider

However, duringProhibition and during times when women thought it was not the thing to drink wine in public, a sip of dandelion wine was consideredgood and comforting....I have a book by Macmillan deLoup, published in New York in 1899, which lists three different recipes fordandelion salads, along with this remark: 'These are not yet popular in the United States, but the peculiar bitterness isrelished by some people and is said to be most healthful.' Dandelion greens have long been popular in France and Italy, and remainso.

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