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The most recent time I got dumped was mainly because I withheld full support for her relationship with her primary boyfriend, who I thought was a bully and an asshole. (I'm polyamorous; it can get a little complicated sometimes.) Hurt like a motherfucker. But I still cared about her; there was nothing malicious in what she did, she was still fundamentally the same woman I loved when I got up that morning.

The Encyclopedia Galactica, in its chapter on Love states that it is far too complicated to define.
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Exactly! Most books and movies where the way to win a love interest's heart is to essentially harass them is hugely creepy and makes me cringe.

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Very true. In real life, most movie grand gestures of love would result in restraining orders (if not jail time).
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Those are just three simplified considerations for this steel type comparison, and if you think it could get very confusing and complicated, you are correct. 440C has its uses; it's a great steel with a long record of successful performance. Most of my clients still ask for 440C, and they do so because they want a tough, wear resistant tool steel that they don't have to worry about rusting, pitting, discoloring, and staining at the first exposure to moisture. While I have made most of my knives in 440C, it's because my clients want it, not because I'm stuck on any particular steel or are a proponent of one particular steel. I love them all, and just like the comparison between an agate or jade handle, a G10 or Micarta® handle, a persimmon or a eucalyptus burl handle, each material has its own particular and distinctive appeal. I simply make what my clients want, and that has given me great success in this career field for decades. That's what anonymous posters on forums don't get; I work for my clients, not some anonymous carbon steel enthusiast's mistaken idealized factory production product he writes about on a public forum.