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Actually, marriage and love did not match very well together but then Renaissance literature developed the concepts of love and marriage and recorded the evolution of the relation between them...

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The young doctor James Paget, employed in the surgical wards early in the Victorian period told his future wife Lydia North in 1837 that he helped to find in her his "spiritual nurse".3Similarly, after two years of marriage, John Heaton of Leeds told his wife Fanny that he often felt disturbed, angry or misanthropic; "I hope you will "preach" to me whenever you feel prompted to do so, that you may instill some of your goodness into me and make me more like yourself.4

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This partnership, however, was based on the premise that women should have the same advantages as a man as to education, occupation and the right to vote. While they did not deny the possibility of such a marriage, they felt it rather radical as male superiority and the supportive wife in a marriage had become the self image of the Victorian family. They flattered themselves in that they liked to believe that marriage was about love, comfort and morality but looked at their superiority in such a relationship separately and in some ways a right as the breadwinner.1

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Amazingly enough, prostitution was legal during the Victorian period. There were tons of brothels all over the major cities of England, and of all different kinds. There were lots of flagellation brothels; these were places where primarily men would go to be whipped by women or by men. There were also gay male brothels. You could go to a park in London at night, pick up what were called the "park whores" and give them a very small amount of money to have sex openly in the park. I also write about gay "cruising," which was quite common. If you knew the right place to go and knew the right signals, you could pick up a man on the street and have sex in an alley.

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Women’s fashions revolved around maximizing the size of their derrieres, including the wearing of bustles. This fashion accessory caused a shape that would impress any rapper. Also en vogue was the corset, which rearranged one’s internal organs and contributed to an hourglass figure. Beauty hurts, sometimes.

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That's a very ancient idea, the linkage of sex and death. But for the Victorians this sort of cult of mourning developed. Death became this almost erotic thing. For instance Queen Victoria longed so heavily and so seriously for her husband Prince Albert, who died in 1861 suddenly at a young age, that it was almost erotic.

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The late Victorians (1890s) saw the bustle disappear, a demi-train and large sleeves now in fashion. If the bride married in church, the dress must have a train, with a veil of the same length. The veil could be lace or silk tulle. From the mid-Victorian era to the 1890s, the veil covered the bride's face and was not lifted until after church. The veil was not used as a shawl after the wedding any more, however. White kid gloves were long enough to tuck under the sleeves, and had a slit in one finger to slip the ring on without removing the glove. Slippers were of white kid, satin or brocade and the heels rose to one inch.