It's likely to be a learning-profile issue.

Select a few learning-profile categories for emphasis as you begin.We know a great deal about learning preferences�so much, in fact, thatit can seem overwhelming.

Use both teacher-structured and student-choice avenues to learning-profiledifferentiation. Sometimes it's really effective for a teacher to thinkabout using several intelligences as ways for students to explore or expressideas.

Diagnosing Student Readiness, Interest, and LearningProfile

Strategies That Support Learning-Profile DifferentiationComplex Instruction. This powerful strategy emphasizes teachersstudying their students to determine which intellectual strengths eachstudent brings to the classroom.

DQP || Degree Qualifications Profile

Although a teacher cannot manipulate all these elements, and other learningstyle components, all the time, it is possible for a teacher to give studentssome learning choices.

What's Your Learning Style? The Learning Styles

As they beganan elementary unit on Ancient Rome, the teachers developed a three-partassessment based on students' prior knowledge about what they were goingto teach (readiness) and questions the teachers felt comfortable addressingrelated to interest and learning profile.

If you are a visual learner, you learn by reading or seeing pictures

The goals of learning-profile differentiation are to help individual learnersunderstand modes of learning that work best for them, and to offer thoseoptions so that each learner finds a good learning fit in the classroom.

You understand and remember things by sight

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National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

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Index of Learning Styles - Nc State University

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